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Basement Remodeling and Waterproofing Services Whitman, MA

Basement Remodeling Services in Whitman MA

South Shore Basement Finishing Company serves residential and commercial customers in Whitman, MA and other towns and cities on the South Shore.

Settled in 1670, Whitman is approximately 20 miles south of Boston and is located in Plymouth County. The town, known as Little Comfort then, was incorporated in 1875 and the name Whitman was adopted in 1886. Whitman is well known for being the home of the chocolate chip cookie. Ruth Wakefield invented chocolate chip cookies at the Toll House on Bedford Street in the late 1930’s. The inn was not rebuilt after being completely destroyed by fire in 1984, but the Toll House sign still exists. We are happy to provide our services to the residents of Whitman.

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