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Basement Remodeling Cost and the Factors that Affect It

Basement Remodeling Cost and the Factors that Affect It

Basement remodel cost varies since it depends on the size of your basement, the desired outcome, and the types of work that need to be done. Consider these factors to better understand basement remodel average cost: finishing and remodeling, design, bathrooms and bedrooms, and materials. Don’t forget about choosing the best basement remodeling contractors, too!

You can turn your basement into pretty much anything that you like. You may use our free quotation option to start. In the meantime, have a scroll to get an idea all the variables and of how much your next project will cost.
The factors at play Since you already have a clear vision of your ideal basement, it’s time to break it down into smaller details. To give you an idea, a usual basement remodel takes 30 to 60 days to finish, costing between a minimum of $2000, a median price of $17,459, and a maximum fee of $40,000 plus.

The following elements affect your basement remodel budget:

Remodel vs. Finish

Remodeling a basement is requires a lot of money. Why? It is both a present and future investment. You get to extend livable space in your home while increasing the house’s resale value at the same time. Realtors consider basement renovations as one of the most important house projects.

The average basement remodel average cost is $20,193. reports
that homeowners typically spend between $11,051 and $29,339. Simply, basement
space size, permits, materials, and the required works determine the project cost. 


Do you need a simple remodel or are you going to start from scratch? You need
to determine this first before engaging in any work. Basement finishing turns an
unlivable basement into a livable one.

Typical costs can range from $10,000 to $20,000 and up depending on the choice of materials, basement size, and additional features that you want to install. Labor also plays a big factor in the basement remodel budget.

What gets done during this process? Basement remodel contractors usually install
flooring, seal basement floor, run mechanicals, paint, build the frame, install walls,
connect outlets, add insulation, putting in ceilings, and work on the plumbing.

The typical basement remodel budget for finishing starts at $7.50 per square foot, but can easily balloon to $20,000 depending on the choice of materials, basement size, labor, and additional features that you want to install.


What is the basement’s overall look and feel? Again, you can turn it into anything you like, so you can design it however you wish as well. Basement ceiling, floor, windows, lighting, stairs, and paint are some aesthetic features you can evaluate.

Basement design’s typical material pricing per square foot is as follows: ceiling at $3.50, floor at $1.50, framing at $1, and drywall at $1.50, totaling at about $15,000 for a typical 2,000 square feet home. Note that labor cost is excluded from the quotation.

Choose materials that fit your budget. For example, you may choose vinyl as flooring instead of tile, laminate, carpet, hardwood, and bamboo.

Bathroom and Bedrooms

Consider plumbing and electrical costs if you want to install a basement bathroom. You might spend anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000 to have it done professionally. For bedroom installation, think of carpeting, drywall, permits, and closet prices as well.

Professional basement remodel contractors make sure that your basement bathroom and bedroom meet the proper safety measures. They complete it at a high standard too!

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