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​The Keys To A World-Class Man Cave

Keys To A World-Class Man Cave

While “man cave” may be a little exclusionary, not taking the fairer sex into account, the fact remains that some men just need a little bit of space. And what better way than to transform that messy basement or garage into its own spot, fit for a prince.
While the original man caves likely consisted of literal caves, today, for the modern designer who has an entire room to devote to his passion and enjoyment, these spaces are becoming chic rooms in which to showcase your personality and sense of style.

Read on to find out how you can create your oasis by using our top tips.

It’s All About Options

Many men design their room around a central games table – be this table football, pool or even air hockey – and it’s a great starting point. But don’t let that overwhelm the room.
A man cave in basement should have options, including a cinema, a bar, a sound system, and many other activities.

You Can Be Obtuse

With neon in general, the connotations are rather sleazy than fashion-conscious. From garish cocktail bars from the 80s to seedy table-dancing pubs, neon implies sleaze rather than style.
The neon rule does not apply to man caves, however. Your man cave can be as bright as you want.
Always wanted a life-size cutout of your favorite ballplayer, or a bright orange bean bag chair? Whatever, it’s your life. Do what you please!

Sports Are Key

In your home proper, football scarves and team posters should be reserved mainly for teenagers – not for a grownup! A word to the wise; your love for sports should not determine your interior design.
Nevertheless, your man cave can show how passionate you are about your favourite team.
Keep it tasteful; framed old photos or signed memorabilia are more aesthetic forms of fandom than tacked up posters.
However, if you’re not into sports, that’s no big deal. Maybe you’re into classic rock or cars? In your man cave, the world is your oyster.

Themes Aren’t Necessary

Don’t push your space into being something you’re not. Some people are more reserved and don’t like obtuse decorations like life-sized, car-shaped couches.
Keep it simple, chill, include touches of yourself in the décor and furniture if you are going to enjoy a few drinks, watch television, occasionally entertain. You can rarely go wrong with leather.

Gimmicks Can Be Fun

While some things are unacceptable to do in your living room, like putting a full-size Space Invaders machine on display, the man cave is a place for you to let your wildest fantasies show themselves.
Therefore, if you desire a racing simulator with vibrating seats, and shaking wheels, go for it!

Man Caves Demand Splurging

You also want to spend within your means, but if you have the cash to be a little excessive, go for it! Man Caves are about indulgence, so indulge!
You ought to have ambition rather than simply moving a sofa and flat-screen TV into your basement. Therefore, if you want a mini-bowling alley or a putting green, do it up!

Research Is Essential

Several world-famous bars and clubs have adopted their designs and style from previous establishments, so do not be afraid to do the same.
You can never go wrong following in the professionals’ footsteps, whether in color scheme, furniture, or hanging a large picture of FDR smoking a cigar on the wall.

Maximize Your Space

Maximize Your Space with a A World-Class Man Cave

There are tons of things you can install that can be modular. A pool table can be custom designed to convert to a typical table. Cinemas can be fitted to retract from the ceiling. Putting greens can double as an oasis.
Consult a professional basement refinishing company to stir up some great ideas!


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