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Tips for Updating Your Basement


Who would have thought that a basement could be turned into something stunning to the point that it’s so hard to tell that it’s actually a basement? A basement is the part of the house that most people don’t often visit if not for getting tools, storing old furniture, or fixing old or broken items, etc. It’s just not the place many love to spend their free time.

Yet, the idea of transforming a dull, messy basement into a lovelier room in the house is desirable. Instead of wasting that big space, you can turn it into an extended living room, a studio, an office, or a bedroom if you prefer. There are just so many things you can do to it. It’s time to upgrade your basement to welcome a new room in the house.

Tips for Updating Your Basement


In upgrading your basement, you should know that it’s more than just moving your things down there, and presto! It can be more complicated than you think. So, here are some of the most effective tips for updating your basement.

Change the lighting.


Lighting greatly affects the mood. It can also overcome the lack of enough light getting through to this underground space. For example, a chandelier would be a nice addition above a table for eating or just drinking coffee.

Remove unnecessary items.


Make more space for everyone in your basement. Anywhere you go, it’s always better to have a clear area of any unwanted trash or unused furniture.

Try using lighter colors for the walls.


Repainting the walls that have been worn out over the years will be a wonderful thing to do. You can choose lighter colors to make the place even brighter that are suitable for parties and other family gatherings.

Add some decor.


Some decor on the walls, big and small clocks, picture frames, and other beautiful displays should be hung. Also, make the room look bigger with some more mirrors around.

Declutter first.


Before anything else, decluttering and removing things that used to be there is necessary since you want to transform the space into something else. Its look cannot be totally changed if you keep the trash around.

Fix broken windows.


The basement is one of the most neglected rooms in the house. People don’t know the real value of that space until someone takes over and begins renovations. After a few years of not being visited, the windows may have been damaged, which means you need to call for help in fixing them and preparing them for the transformation.

Make the design uniform with the entire house.


Although the basement is a hidden place in the house, make its design and style match the rest of the house. This creates the sense that the basement is one with the other rooms and parts in the house instead of it being a separate room.

Add furniture.


To finally complete the renovation, have your furniture ready to be placed inside. The best way to choose which furniture to put in the basement is to dedicate a space for reading, socializing, sleeping, or watching TV, etc.

We’re Here to Help!


When you need a hand to assist you in planning, designing, and remodeling your basement, always know that you have a team of professionals in basement renovation ready to help you. South Shore Basement Finishing has been waiting for your call!

We can transform that untidy room in your house into something more useful. From a basement to a perfectly designed new room, our experts will be there. Our tools and equipment are all updated to ensure wonderful results for our customers.

Contact us at 781-217-3411. We’ll help you figure out the best way to transform your basement based on your ideas and your budget. Other services we offer include basement waterproofing, remodeling, design, and many more. Come and talk to us to get started with the renovation of your basement. Let’s do it today!

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